Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still around and knitting

1) The Punisher Skull collectionIt took me long enough to redesign this little sweater/dress. And now I finally have something to show.
This is the first batch I've made. I'm happy with the result.
The sweater features turtle neck, long sleeves, mod dress that had slight bubble shape at the bottom. Back closure with 4 small buttons. Yarn contents: 70% merino wool, 30% silk.

2) About Commissions
Unfortunately, I can not accept any commissions at this time. (For existing commissioners, I will try to deliver asap.)
I have had some major events happened in my life last year. My little family is doing fine, but not without difficulty. As much as I love running my etsy shop, I have more important things to deal with. I want to keep knitting and sharing my works with my dolly friends. But I only have so much(so little) time to do it. I don't want to keep customers waiting. On my end, I want to keep my creativity flowing instead of being stuck on the commission list. After all, I knit because it makes me feel good. It's my way of finding balance and peace in the crazy reality.

Thank you all for reading and understanding.

3)  About Shipping
USPS has recently increase the shipping rate on international packages.So, I had to adjust accordingly.
Domestic SH will remain the same.
International SH is now $7, $3 for every additional items.

I personal don't agree with USPS on the subject but there is nothing I can do :/

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update Commission List-11/07/2012

Dear Friends,

I want to make this commission list to keep track of all the order I have received. I have recently moved and still try to get my new home/life/work in order. As much as I love to knit, I can only squeeze so much time. Thank you all for your understanding and support!

1) Mariana (birdielady)
    1 mohair sweater - totoro on green
    - in process ^-^
2) Maria(MLZZ331)
    3 mohair sweater - black cat on brick, classic LV logo, Eiffel Tower on beige
3) Anita Trinkle
    1 mohair sweater - owl on lime

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ribby yoke sweater

Finished this little sweater yesterday. It's done with KnitPicks Shimmer Lace yarn, 70% baby alpaca 30% silk, size 0000/1.5mm needle.
The design came from a human size sweater from Sirdar

I love the simplicity and texture. Since I don't have the patience for my own sweater, I made one for my blythe girl. I used a different cable pattern for the center panel to fit on the sweater. I think it work out nicely.

This sweater is in my shop. Due to the complexity and duration of the piece, I will not accept custom request. This tiny sweater involves great attention and concentration. Please do understand.

Dolly hugs,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Amelia

Sweet Amelia by minami626
Sweet Amelia, a photo by minami626 on Flickr.

Notes on painting with acrylic pain: This time I used water to thin out the paint. I found that it is easier to blend this one. The con is that after the paint drys it looks very flat. Also it is easier to get smudged. So it is wise to seal it with clear gloss.
When I use extender to thin out the pain, the finishing/drying time is much longer. And the paint will look a bit shinier. But I found it hard to paint without getting it blotchy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Will I ever finish?

I've been working on this little cardigan for almost a week. My Gosh! I know I knit slow, but this is a really long time.
I love the cables, got them out of one of the good pattern book. But all the stitches within the pattern is knit/purl through back loop. The cable looks more defined than regular cables. And it takes twice the time.
Hopefully I can finish knitting today, and tomorrow I can seam, weave in ends, block, blah blah blah. All that not my favorite part at all, but finishing a project feels good.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yesterday's sewing

Model: Luna

Pattern from DollyDolly vol. 23

Need some small buttons and a bow on the front. I don't have any tiny brown ribbon at the moment.
This is the first time I made pockets on my dress. I'm always intimidated by small parts on a small garment. But this was not too bad. I presses the pockets in shape, and stitch them into place and go over with the machine. Voila! They are nice. The key is not to rush. Take it slow and the result is very satisfying.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm crazy about cables

It's not the easiest, but it's definitely the funnest to knit.

These cable designs are originated in Alpine Region. All k and p are through back to make a tighter and more vivid look.

Love it!